Find Files Anywhere, Fast.

Datawhere continually indexes all your files everywhere -- on servers, in the Cloud, on user devices, and storage devices --to make it easy to find, share, and manage your files.

Find Files Anywhere, Fast.

Find & Do Things with Files Everywhere.

  • FindFIND

    Type Keywords to Find Files Anywhere.

  • OpenOPEN

    Open Files Your Have On Your Device Or Network

  • getGET

    Get Files From Anywhere

  • shareSHARE

    Share Files From Device To Device Or Via Email Link

  • TagTAG

    You Can Easily Tag Files Everywhere



100% secure

Datawhere does not store or touch your files. It collects metadata from you files, not the content of your files, to make it easy and quick to find, share, and manage files everywhere. And users only see files they are allowed to see based on established sharing rights.

What Some of our Clients Have to Say

What we liked is that we did not have to change anything -- our workflow, our systems, or having to centralize files. We just installed it and can now tag and find files anywhere fast

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